Minutes 18 Nov 2008


There are normally 4/5 meetings per year. A summary of the minutes of the PCC meetings will from now on be printed in the Review and published on the Kirton web site. They are also displayed on the notice board in the Church porch. The following are the Minutes from the meeting held on 18th November 2008. This may seem a long time ago, but the meeting scheduled for 20th January had to be postponed. By Church laws the Minutes cannot be published until they have been read and approved at the next meeting. The next meeting after the 18th November was 2nd March 2009, so this is the first opportunity for them to be published. The next PCC is to be held on 21st April, and the Minutes from the March meeting should then be published in the June Review. If you would like any further information, please do not hesitate to contact me.
Linda Negus, Secretary PCC, 448354

The meeting was attended by 10 members of the PCC with Canon Geoffrey Grant in the Chair. A letter had been received from the Church of England Pensions Board informing us of the 60
th Anniversary of the Clergy Retirement Fund with a request for donations. The following reports were given:

Financial: this was given by Paul Negus in the absence of David Vickers. There was a deficit of £8009 due to the repairs to the church tower, but VAT is to be claimed back after the completion of building work which should be approximately £3000. The Diocesan Quota has been paid, but this will rise by 8% in 2009. To date £46,000 had been spent on repairs to the outside of the tower, and a further £10,000 is needed to complete repairs to the inside of the tower.
Church Hall: the meeting was informed that there had been no more progress with Grants. The application process is a slow one and there is little money forthcoming, particularly for rural churches. The hall is being maintained and the bookings are good.
Ministry Team/Services: Services had been fixed for the next 12 months although changes could be made and requests granted. The Ministry Team had been timetabled as far as May.
Quinquennial: A Quinquennial was held in October, a written report of 16 pages followed. Three estimates had been given on the church windows. The preferred estimate would cost £750 per window which gave the best long term solution. It was decided to replace the windows one at a time, as funds were made available.
Sunday Club: The October meeting was open to adults where lots of Christmas craft activities took place. In November items were made for the Falkenham Tree Festival.
Friends of Kirton Church: A buffet lunch at the home of Mrs Jennifer Paul has been arranged for 18th January. There have been a number of successful fundraising events this year and two more concerts are to be held in Spring and Autumn 2009. There are still 225 copies of the Graham Simms CD at a selling price of £8.99. They are available from the Card Centre, Magpie Books, Ashton Graham Solicitors and the Reunion Gallery in Felixstowe.
CTF/Synod: the new Youth Worker, Adrian Wolton, is very busy in his new post. He is involved in the launch of the Boost Bus, a converted double-decker bus which will travel to various locations and act as a meeting place for the youth of Felixstowe and outlying villages. All churches have been asked to contribute to the running costs of the bus.
Deanery Synod: a meeting was held to discuss Sexuality and the issue of same sex marriages. Various viewpoints were put forward and given consideration.
Kirton and Falkenham Review: John Pardy has resigned from his post of collating the Review. Somewhere needs to be found to store the supply of paper as it is too damp in the Church Hall.
AOB: Two new churchwardens will be needed after March 2009 as Anne Clarke and Joy Bignell are to step down. Thanks were given for their hard work and commitment to the job. It was suggested that a directory of leaders/organisations that operate in the villages be published at the front of the Review.
Next meeting: 20th January 2009 at 7.30 pm.

At the AGM held on 8
th March, Mrs Barbara Payne was elected as Churchwarden, and Mrs Linda Negus as Secretary.

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