June 2014


Thurs. 10th. July – Visit: Rendlesham Forest

June Visit – Prior’s Oak, Butterfly Gardens, Aldeburgh.
For our June visit we were at Trudie Willis’s magnificent gardens at Leiston Road Aldeburgh. Originally Trudie and her husband lived in a cottage called Prior’s Oak attached to Aldeburgh cinema before purchasing the present property which then had 3 acres of land. A further 7 acres were acquired and the result is mature gardens in three areas, plus paddocks with sheep and goats.
There is the seaward facing garden overlooking the RSPB reserve with two man made ponds, croquet lawn, buddleias, honey suckles and sedum. In all Trudie has some 300 buddleias (35 varieties) because of her passion for butterflies.
The area to the rear of the house has perennial borders, salad , herb and vegetable gardens . There are two restored railway carriages , rescued after local line closures, a deck house and shepherd’s hut. A chalet contains relics and mementos of the family’s past generations.
Beyond this area are the wildlife gardens, mature woodlands and walks. The trees include fruiting Cherry, Meddlars and Quinces, plus fig,mulberry and nuts.
Round the edge of the woodland are the many buddleias which attract a mass of butteflies in late July and August. In short this area is home to birds and a range of insects and small mammals.
Above all this is a garden of peace and tranquillity and our 38 members and friends were privileged to be able to explore its many secrets on a warm June evening.
After the garden Trudie, Paul her gardener and other friends provided a fitting end to a special evening with wine, cheese, savouries, cakes and more wine.
Prior’s Oak has open days on Sun. June 29 and Sun July 27 ( Butterfly and Bees),
Contact Trudie on 01728 452580.

July visit – Thurs. 10th. July - Rendlesham Forest.
On the Thursday 10th. July we have our visit to Rendlesham Forest, delayed from last year. Details ( Green departure time, assemble time and assembly point) were not finalised at time of going to press but these will be included in Jenny’s July members’ email . Look forward to seeing you all there.

Summer outing – Sat. 13 Sept. – Lamport Hall and Gardens.
Our late summer outing will see us leave the Green at 9.00am for Lamport Hall where we have conducted tours of the hall and gardens and, in between, light lunch of soup, roll and coffee (note no casual refreshments available and picnics are not allowed in the grounds). One or two tickets are left at £27, contact Jenny on 448571. There will be free time to explore the gardens.

Open Gardens
There will be open gardens at Lode, including Richard Ayres’ Sun. 13 July, 11-5, £5, teas.

Int. Dept. ( aka Shaw’s Tours) – Belgium 2014.
We assemble at the Green before 6.00am after an overnight deluge has left the village streets flooded and hope this is not a foretaste of the weekend weather to come. I resist the urge to check the state of my allotment in the sure knowledge that my fellow allotmentiers will take care of any damage caused. Galloway’s coach arrives on time with Mark at the wheel, his fourth trip with us, a duty beyond the call and for which he should surely feature in the Queen’s birthday honours bearing in mind he has interrupted his holidays to drive us.
This is our eleventh tour and our journey via Eurotunnel passes smoothly and we are soon approaching Veurne where we rendezvous with guide Johan ( also worthy of a gong) and Ria. It is Euro election time and this year we have to find time in our busy schedule on Sunday for Johan and Ria to vote. Voting is obligatory in Belgium and failure could see our dear friend on a one way trip to neighbouring France for an appointment with madame guillotine!
Johan leads us into the town square with its medieval church and streets where we are refreshed by delicious pastries and coffee at Café Gourmet. Fortified we take the coach to nearby Diksmuide, a site of terrible close fighting in WW1 where the infamous Boyau de la Mort or Trench of Death still remains.
We arrive at the Novotel in Mechelen and this year we are sharing the hotel for the weekend with a party of male and female Italian rowers competing in championships nearby.
After a quick pit stop its off into the town and we have a relaxed dinner at a restaurant appropriately named ‘Stuffed‘. Towards midnight we wander through the cobbled streets back to our hotel where Jo and I , bringing up the rear, are entertained by an impromptu full length strip show in one of the hotel windows. We ponder selling tickets for the following evening!
Next month ‘Friday in Holland’. See pics on our pages of village website courtesy of Martin RH.

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