March 2014


Net meeting: Thurs. 10th. April - TBA - 7.30pm. Village Hall

March meeting
Due to the Anglia Bulb Co being very busy at the moment, we had a last minute change of speaker for our March meeting. Anne Etheridge, of AEE- a Lover of Plants, brought forward by one month, her talk entitled ‘Spring Gems’, and what gems they were too.
Anne gave such a full description and detailed advice on the many plants she had brought with her, that the queue to buy them at the end of the talk, rivalled that of the January sales at Harrods! She clearly has a great knowledge and love of plants, and you could have heard a pin drop in the hall (60) as she told us all we needed to know to successfully grow our newly acquired treasures.
Plants she brought ranged from minute alpines approximately 4 cms in diameter to hellebores, daffodils, tulips, winter sweet and cherry trees.
Anne and her husband have a very busy life running and improving their nursery, propagating plants and supplying plants to the public and professional gardeners. The nursery is just off the A11 at Snetterton Park, Heath Road, NR16 2JU and is open - 4 pm every day.
( Clearly the chairman could not produce a report to this standard and we thank Jenny for stepping in, in his absence!).

The sick note chairman’s crafty plan to avoid the AGM backfired on him because fellow officers decided to postpone the AGM until our April meeting!

April meeting
The club, like the Windmill theatre, never closes, and there will be a meeting in the village hall on Thurs. 10th. April. Jenny and Lynn are burning the midnight oil to organise a speaker. An email will wing its way hopefully before you read this.

Summer outing
Dick, likewise is working on a late summer outing and we should have some news for the April meeting so make sure you are there.

Belgium 22/25 May 2014
Johan is finalising details of our latest visit to Euroland. All payments have been collected and we have booked a buffet dinner with the hotel for the Saturday evening. Programmes and labels will be issued to those travelling in May. If you have any spare cash the pound remains strong against the euro, so buy now while stocks last!
Kirtling Tower - will be open under the NGS on Sundays 6th. and 13th. April. 11.00 am to 4.00 pm, £5. Contact me on 616 for further details.

Tales from the allotments
What a difference a little sunshine makes. Last month we were cursing the continued downpours but now as I type we have warm, sunny weather and its all action on the plots, in fact some clown is now forecasting the driest March since sliced bread! As always my neighbours are sneaking in a few early potatoes to try and have the first crop, many devious manoeuvres are used, some under the cover of darkness, use of plastic or fleece, in fact anything to be first with the precious gems. All good fun.
There has been the now traditional mouse cull,and I would be surprised if there is now a living rodent on the Felixstowe peninsula after Bob’s efforts this year. Traps have been baited with the finest Waitrose cheeses and Swiss chocolates resulting in mice arriving from far and wide on a one way trip. A slice of mouse pie anyone?
So a vote of thanks from all local gardeners to Bob P for his heroic efforts in blitzing the little devils!
News in my Gardeners’ World magazine ( essential reading for all serious gardeners) of two new programmes which hopefully will provide something worthwhile to watch on TV.
The Beechgrove Garden returns in April with a new series full of practical tips from the garden in Aberdeen. This must have sneaked under my radar as I don’t recall seeing it before.
And allotment growing turns competitive ( competitive, they should come to the plots to film!) with ‘ The Patch : the great allotment challenge’ Not sure what channel this is on but should be fun. It will be interesting to see how near it gets to the real cut and thrust of the true allotmentier ( spell check didn’t like that).

Roy Mallett 616

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