November 2017

Christmas party :- Thurs. 14th. December Charlie Haylock ‘ An Eccentric Look at Spoken English’
7.30 pm Church Hall

January meeting - Thurs. 11th. January - Jim Buttress ‘ The Central Royal Parks , 7.30pm. Village Hall.

Christmas party - So it’s party time once again and our very special guest is Charlie Haylock who will be talking on ‘ An Eccentric Look at Spoken English’. Members will remember our 2013 Christmas party when Charlie took control of things and we look forward to a fun evening. Charlie has written a number of books and I am sure he will bring some with him for sale on the night.
There is no charge for members attending the party but let Jenny know if you are coming on 448571 as we need to know numbers for catering and seating. Jenny has a limited number of tickets available for guests at £5.
There will be the usual refreshments , including punch, and we will have a draw for club funds. We will welcome donations of draw prizes to committee members or just bring along on the night.
So don’t forget Thurs. 14th. December, Church Hall, 7.30pm.

Dobies Seed Catalogues - Dobies seed catalogues for the 2018 season are available at our Christmas meeting . If you cannot make the party contact Ray on 448291 or you can collect from 6, Rectory Lane.
Don’t forget members get a discount of 45% off catalogue prices for seeds and 10% off for other products. So get ordering ready for the new season.

November meeting – Around 55 members where present at the village hall for our November meeting when the guest speaker was Sonya Burrows whose talk was entitled ‘ Do Plants Wear Coats’ and Sonya explained how plants survive in hostile conditions. Sonya’s illustrated talk related to how plants, requiring light, water and carbon dioxide survive, and indeed thrive, in extreme conditions i.e. cold, heat, arid and wet environments
An intriguing subject and as always Sonya covered a wide range of examples ably assisted by her mum and dad.

January meeting – For our January meeting we welcome Jim Buttress talking on ‘ The Central Royal Parks’. Jim is a highly respected RHS judge, regularly appearing on TV and who for many years had charge of the Central Royal Parks. So a great start to our 2018 programme . Come early for this one!
January is the month for renewing membership which for 2018 is £10. This is something of a bargain as the £10 covers 7 monthly talks, 4 summer evening visits, the summer garden party and the Christmas party..In addition members can buy discounted seeds and garden products from Dobies and have discounts on purchases at Ling’s garden store , Spall’s and BM Concrete products.
The club is open to new members , you don’t have to reside in Kirton or Falkenham, just turn up on the night and get your membership card with the year’s programme.

Hester Doggett - We are sad to report that Hester died recently after a short illness.
Hester was an enthusiastic founder member of the gardener’s club and her hard work as booking secretary, with Debbie, was instrumental in getting the club off to a sound start in those early days. One of our summer garden parties was at her lovely home garden . She will be sorely missed and our sympathy goes out to Debbie, Laura and Richard.

Tales from the Allotments - December is the month for general tidying up and pruning. My hate job for this time of the year is dealing with the asparagus beds. It has been a mild autumn and the weeds have grown amongst the asparagus fern. I try to be organic and don’t use weed killers and it is difficult to control the weeds until the ferns are cut back. This has to be done when the fern has died off and can then be cut back to ground level. Then all the weeds can be cleared and some compost applied.. My Percy Thrower’s book of gardening ( showing my age here) advises applying a dressing of salt in early March.
However it is all worthwhile and we can look forward to the new season.
I grow the French or green asparagus which can be used for delicious soup in the summer surplus.
I hesitate to mention soup because I have been accused by the old station master of turning the gardening notes into a cookery programme when I recommended roasted squash and squash soup. He should know that I have staff to do the cooking and I only grow the stuff. Perhaps he should put squash on the station buffet menu!

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