January 2022

The next Garden Club Meeting will be held on Thursday 10th February at 7.30pm in Kirton Church Hall. 
We welcome back Val & Alan Bourne, who have a new talk, RSPB Minsmere 75 years & Counting.
The club now meets in Kirton Church Hall so that members can be seated with more space between each other, to allow for safer social distancing.
New members are always welcome and present members can renew their yearly membership for £15 each. Members are entitled to 10% discount at Spalls Felixstowe and Laurel Farm Garden Centre Henley Rd Ipswich. Also 45% off seeds & 10% off everything else from the Dobies catalogue, throughout the year.

January Meeting 
Ruth Goudy from Kiln Farm Nursery, gave her talk to our members via Zoom, as the committee thought it wise not to meet in the Church Hall, due to the large rise in the rate of Covid infections.
Flower Power, How Flowers Benefit Our Wellbeing was the subject of Ruth's talk and having been on several courses on the subject, she gave a very wide-ranging look at the subject.
Ruth showed us some pictures of flowers, with a range of words beside each one and asked us which words described the emotional response we felt. The most striking one was field poppies, which 
can make us feel happy at the sight of a bright field, full of vibrant red, but also sad at the association with the world wars. Scientists now realise that plants and nature, cause a positive effect in the human brain,
which has led to social prescribing by doctors, to improve people's health. Horatio's Gardens is a charity, which raises funds to build beautiful and useful gardens in hospitals, so that patients can benefit from seeing plants and greenery to help their recovery. Our brains have been found to love repetition and symmetry, and scents can help with memory. Ruth quoted many sources for the research which has been done into the subject, so that we can read more on the subject if we wish. It was a very thought-provoking talk.

At the moment we review the Covid situation each month, and we aim to meet in the Church Hall as much as possible, also where possible, we will continue with our summer visits.

Jenny Bearcroft     

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