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Radio Caroline

Nostalgia moment alert!

Radio Caroline will be broadcasting on 531kHz this Easter.

For the technically/historically-minded, Oliver Swain M0OFR will be showing and talking about its AM transmitter at the Chelmsford Amateur Radio Society (CARS) on Tuesday, April 5. He will explain some of the trials, tribulations and developments involved in building the homebrew transmitter for Radio Caroline.

The presentation will include a brief history of Radio Caroline in the late 70s, modern day Caroline, and of course all the developments involved in building an AM transmitter (1950s Style) with separate plate modulator.

The AM transmitter uses two KT88 valves in the output and runs 70 Watts Carrier giving about 280 Watts PEP.

Olivers transmitter is used for Radio Caroline when they broadcast from the Ross, moored at Harwich, on 531KHz under an OFCOM Restricted Service Licence. The next broadcast will be this coming Easter for 11 days.

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