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Drum Camp Festival

D R U M  C A M P  F E S T I V A L  201 2
5th, 6th, 7th, 8th July, Bungay, Suffolk
A Celebration of Rhythm Voice and Dance from Around the World

Dear Friends,
Our 17th annual Drum Camp promises another melting pot of culture, music and dance from all corners of the globe. Drum Camp's unique vibe and atmosphere has a lot to do with capping the numbers attending, giving it an exclusivity and intimacy that you can’t find in larger festivals, and yet programming a world class line-up that would grace the stage of any major festival - and quite often does!
Our evening concert programme is nearly there and will present an eclectic mix of world music to listen to, dance to.. and well.. be generally blown away by!  
Thursday’s opening evening concert features Abass Dodoo’s Kpanlogo Ghanaian percussion troupe, the jigs and reels of traditional Irish folk ensemble Twisted Routes, and a selection of cameo performances including some new faces to DC such as Gambian Kora maestro Sefo Kanuteh, and the Easter Island sau sau dance of Pamela Araki.
Friday will continue in fine style with Cuban Rumba voice and percussion troupe Dilanga, the Pakistan and Indian Qawwali music of The Khan Brothers , and spectacular dance and rhythm from the highly acclaimed Guinea dance company Ballet Nimba.
Saturday night see’s us presenting our second West African dance act in the form of The Lions of Africa. This line up features Mythical Lion dancers, jaw dropping acrobatics and pulsating sabar rhythms led by the one and only Modou Diouf. We travel a bit further south to the region of the Congo for some upbeat Soukous dance music from the wonderful guitar talents of Mr. Will’s Big Band. Our final Saturday headline act is still ‘work in progress’ so we can’t announce the name just yet, but if you know us well, you’ll know it will be good!
Sunday night has a real treat in store as evening headliners Claudio Kron & Papajaca take to the stage. A highly colourful leap into the music and culture of Brazil with intoxicating percussion rhythms and dance grooves that only this country can output - a very good band indeed led by one of Brazil’s finest and most charismatic percussionists.
We will put our final evening line up on the Drum Camp website soon, so do make a point of checking these pages regularly.        
Of course, whilst delivering four nights of amazing live concert performances, Drum Camp is very much about being inspired and connecting with artists in an educative, cultural and participatory workshop setting, be it through creating music and rhythm, using your voice, or dancing. 
Our 2012 workshop line up
We programme around 100 workshops over the Friday, Saturday and Sunday across 9 venues. A few new workshop formats coming in this year which we are very excited about, here’s the line up so far (still more to add!)
West African Percussion Workshops
Seckou Keita (Senegal) –Djembe masterclass
Nansady Keita (Guinea) – Djembe intermediate & Advanced
Abass Dodoo (Ghana) - Kpanlogo drums
Ben Lawrence (UK/Ghana) - Xylophones
Modou Diouf (Senegal) – Sabar Drumming
Mr.Will & Sebi Ntege (UK/Uganda) - Soukous Rhythm and Ugandan percussion
Hans Sutton (UK) Djembe and Doun Doun
More to Djembe teacher announcements coming...
World Percussion Workshops
Claudio Kron (Brazil) - Bahia Samba drumming and Pandeiro
The Khan Brothers (India/Pakistan) - Qawwali/Sufi Chant and rhythm
Dilanga (Cuba) - Rumba percussion and singing
Sefo Kanuteh (Gambia) – Kora and singing
Anna Mudeka (Zimbabwe) - Mbira thumb piano and singing
Mog (UK/Ireland) - Irish Bodhran Frame drum, beginners and advanced
Chas Whitaker (UK/Egypt) - Darabuka and mixed Egyptian percussion
Ant Sauchella (Italy) - Gongs, bells and meditation
Barry Mason (UK) - Hang and Udu
Jo May (UK) - Spoons workshop with fiddle
Gary Knight (UK/Australia) - Didgeridoo
Iyestyn Griffiths/Manu Glez-Uzqueta (UK/Spain) - Cajon Peruvian/Flamenco Rhythms
Jose Ferrera (Cuba) – Bata drumming and mixed Cuban percussion
Cliff Knight (UK/USA) - Native American Flute
Art Brasil (Brazil) - Berimbau
Jon Halls (UK) - Body Percussion
World Dance Workshops
Jaya Dance (India) – Bollywood dance
Anna Mudeka (Zimbabwe) – Zulu dance
Idrissa Camara/Ballet Nimba (Guinea) – Djembe dance
Carmen Jones (UK/Egypt) - Egyptian belly dance
Pamela Araki (Rapa Nui/Easter Island) – Sau Sau Polynesian Dance
Mariana Pinho (Brazil) – Samba and Brazilian folkloric dance
Jose Ferrera & Micaela Reyes Ramirez (Cuba) – Salsa and Rumba* dance (with Dilanga)
Art Brasil (Brazil) – Capoeira dance
Diene Sagna & PalieSeck (Senegal) - Sabar dance
Dixey Ruscelli (UK/Spain) - Flamenco dance
...Plus Children’s craft workshops, juggling skills and percussion, morning Tai Chi, our ever popular Therapy Zone, late night global DJ sets, round the fire drum and dance, and an Open Mic stage for you to show off your talents.
Remember - Discounted Tickets deadline 30th APRIL!!!
Our end of December early bird tickets were snapped up very quickly, but there are still great deals on tickets to be had by booking before the end of April - saving £20 on the full event or weekend ticket price! That’s a big saving to take advantage of. The ticket prices are divided into two price bands as follows:
PRICE BAND A  Bookings Before 30th April 2012   
FULL EVENT (Thurs-Sun) £150  WEEKEND (Sat/Sun only) £110 Young Person 11-15 yr olds £75  Child 4-10 yr olds £45  

PRICE BAND B  Bookings From 1st May 2012   
FULL EVENT (Thurs-Sun) £170  WEEKEND (Sat/Sun only) £130 Young Person 11-15 yr olds £75  Child 4-10 yr olds £45    
*Please note: A booking commission fee of £5 will be added for all online bookings, this does not apply for postal bookings with cheque payment.
To book your tickets now follow this link:
You can navigate from this link around our web pages to find out more about Drum Camp. We will be updating these pages at regular intervals from now up until the event, so make a point of checking it out regularly. 
What others say about Drum Camp Festival
If your still thinking about it, here's a selection of feedback we received from those who attended our past events...

‘‘What can we say!, you outdid yourselves again. We had such a fab time at DrumCamp and really can't thank you all enough for making it happen’’
''Had an absolutely amazing time! Thanks to all the organisers and just gets better every year! Djembe classes were brilliant!''
‘‘It was a real joy to be part of the gathering, I can’t thank you enough, everyone was sooooooo kind and it made my first visit to Drum Camp such a nurturing experience'’
''Huge thanks to all the organisers and caretakers of the wonderful weekend we had! It was exceptional. Respect and gratitude abounds here.''
''Fabulous Weekend !! Thanks to all the glorious people at Drum Camp for the silly grin that is now permanently etched on my face! X''
What a fantastic time I had!!!! Will definitely be back... I learned so much, met some wonderful people
''A huge thanks to everyone involved in making this such a triumph! ''

And finally...
Very soon you will be able to pre-order your DC T-shirts, Vests and Hoodies, and even Tea Mugs from our website. You will be able to choose colour, size and type of garment in advance so when you arrive, your order will be all pre packed with your name on it for collection. We will let you know when this webpage is all up and running via Face Book and our next newsletter, and of course on the website itself.
Our Face Book group page is a great forum which we regularly add to with latest news, factoids and general chat. To join our Drum Camp Face Book page click here
Well that’s all from us for now. We look forward to seeing you for a hot weekend in July
Best wishes
Gary Newland
Organiser and Artistic Director
Drum Camp Festival 

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