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Do you know these people?

Kirton & Falkenham’s War

It is our belief that to know of the lives of people in the past enriches our own lives today. So, given the relevance of the centenary of the start of WW1, a group of us want to bring the history of the lives of those who fought, died or returned to the people of today’s villages.

We intend (hopefully) within the next two years to:
• Produce a book(let) telling the stories of all those who enlisted between 1914 and 1918.
Create a permanent Roll of Honour which will include the names of as many who served as possible.
• Create a web site so that people can access the information and find links to other fascinating details about their relatives. This may involve local young people.
• Bring the stories to local groups and schools.
HOW CAN YOU HELP? Look closely at the picture on the front. This is a photograph of the men who returned from the war. There may be women in it too. We do have names for some of them but not all. Can you help fill in the gaps. Do you know any of the people on it? Who? You might circle the face of the person (or persons) that you know and write their name in the space below the picture. Do you have any insights, stories or photos which you would be happy to share with us that would help this project in any way? If so, then contact one of us, please. We need to hear from you. Ted Payne 448582
Jo Shaw 448784
Len Lanigan 448568
Pam Cole 448647

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