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On the Buses

There is a vacancy for a “bus person” at the Kirton & Falkenham Parish Council.

The roll of the PTLO (Public Transport Liaison Officer) for Kirton and Falkenham is to deal with any queries or complaints from residents and inform them of any changes made to the bus services though the village.

Notices of bus changes would be sent directly to the PTLO by email from Suffolk County Council and some may need to be posted around the villages on available notice board.

A report should be written each month for the Parish Council (Clerk, Colin Shaw) copied to the Kirton web site (Martin Richmond-Hardy) and to The Review magazine (Maddy Rhodes or Linda Negus).

The Parish Council meets at the Kirton & Falkenham Recreation Ground Pavilion once a month from 7:30p until all business is finished, usually 9–9:30pm.

The PTLO has, up to now, arrived at the Pavilion for 7:10pm to prepare tea & biscuits for the councillors, but this is not mandatory; if a full report has been supplied in good time, attending the meeting is not always necessary.

For more information contact Sheila Wardener on 01394 448081

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