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On the Buses

On the Buses

Did you read about the pensioner who rode on local buses from John O’ Groats to Lands End (actually it may not have been that far but I’ve mislaid the article). Anyway, when I went to see my family in Wiltshire earlier this year I was thinking of using local buses on the way home, but you know what it’s like! The family said “It’s too far”, “You would get lost”, “It would take three days”, etc. So I got a coach instead but I would still like to try the local buses sometime.

Don’t forget 1st September when our single-decker buses (not double-deckers) will run through Falkenham Road and Back Road to and from Felixstowe. The one double-decker but we have at 8:01am will still go along Trimley Road.

If you know anyone in the villages who doesn’t have a Review or will not see this article on this web site or hasn’t read our notice boards, could you please bring them up to date on the above.

Sheila Wardner

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