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Internet security alert

One of the latest computer based scams being reported regularly to Suffolk Constabulary goes as follows -

Whilst using the internet, a message flashes up onto your screen, which you will also find locks your computer, with words to the effect of it being from the Metropolitan and Strathclyde Police (or similar forces). The message will imply that you have been viewing unsuitable web sites and they have locked your computer to prevent further viewing; you are then asked to pay £100 or a similar amount to have your screen unlocked, but even if you pay you will find your machine remains unusable.

Do not pay – this is a scam and you will lose your money with no improvement to your computer, which will have to be professionally examined and cleaned to remove the lock.

[If you know how to do it, you can get around the lock by going into safe mode and reverting back the system to the day before you got the infection]

If you experience this fraud, or have previously not reported having been a victim, then please contact Suffolk Constabulary via 101.
It should also be reported to Action Fraud via

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