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Music in Felixstowe - November

Well, after several weeks of beautiful weather, hopefully we’re set up for anything the winter can throw at us!
We’re offering some lovely and intriguing concerts through the next few months starting with the Elgar recital on November 13th, Remembrance Sunday, at 3.00pm in St Andrew’s Church.
This will be performed by Beth Spendlove and Greg Eaton violins, Wendy Poulston viola, Harriet Bennett cello and Jonathan Rutherford piano, playing Elgar’s string quartet and piano quintet. These will be accompanied by extracts from Elgar’s diaries and other music supplied by the Elgar Society, promising to be a most interesting and moving experience. Admission is £10 children free.
The next Wednesday lunchtime concert is on October 26th at 1.00 in St Andrew’s Church.
It features Cliff Wybrow clarinet, Wendy Poulston viola and Christine Whiffen piano. The main work is Mozart’s beautiful “
Kegelstatt” Trio. Also in the programme are works by Schumann and Max Bruch, who is most well-known for his violin concerto. Admission is £5 children free.

We are preparing for the Christmas concert on December 4th and will be involving a choir of local children. If you have children or grandchildren who might like to join in could you let us know as we will be holding a preliminary rehearsal before the day. The other main work is the Schubert Octet. Let me know if interested by email or on 01394 670633.
You will have noticed that most of the concerts have been recorded and we are bringing out a CD with some of the highlights from these concerts. This will help towards some piano wheels which are costing £350. The piano, which has been lent to us by Graham Boast in memory of his wife, has become the mainstay of the concerts at St Andrews and if you buy a copy of the CD you will be helping us in its continued use – it would be difficult to manage without it!
We also have a few copies of the Come and Sing Brahms Requiem left if you participated in this concert - I think you’ll find it a very moving and human recording.
CD’s are £10 for “Highlights” and £5 for the Brahms Requiem. Available from me – Hattie Bennett, Marsh Cottage, Felixstowe Ferry IP11 9RZ. Please make cheques out to Felixstowe Music.
Looking forward to the next few months of music-making,

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