26 November 2012


1. Police Report i) Vehicle parking on Falkenham Road/Grays Orchard verge
2. Parishioners questions
3. County Councillor's Report
4. District Councillors' Reports i) Meadowlands plot clearance
1. Apologies
2. Minutes of meeting of 22nd October 2012
3. Matters arising
i) Grocery van stops
ii) Tree lighting ceremony arrangements
iii) Code of Conduct
4. Finance & General Purposes committee meeting (agenda attached)
5. Administrative matters (see corresp, below)
6. Acceptance of written Committee Reports
a) Planning (attached) (see corresp below)
i) Core Strategy hearings
ii) Innocence Lane
b) Environmental & Transport (attached) (see corresp. below)
c) Recreation Ground (see corresp. below)
i) Dog fouling
7. SALC Report (see corresp below)
i) AGM report
8. Other Correspondence to note (attached)
9. Matters for inclusion in future Agenda
10. Date of next meeting:- Monday 7th January 2013 in e R G Pavilion at 7
Councillors are reminded that they should consider declaring any interest, pecuniary or otherwise, relating to any agenda item, that could be seen as affecting their impartiality.


12917 SCDC Results of Police Commissioner elections

Finance & GP See agenda

Admin matters
12855 SAcre Members update newsletter (CIRC)
12874 SAcre Extraordinary general meeting 26th November
12907 M Richmond Hardy Revised welcome brochure draft

12853 Waveney Dc Invite to Housing scrutiny meeting 29 Nov (CIRC)
12881 SCDC SEA response to cogent inquiry
12890 EDF-Energy Consultation statement on Sizewell C (CIRC)
12898 D Jacobs/I Cade Probono application draft
12906 J Maggison Enquiry re Innocence Lane
12910 I Cade Evening Star article on leaflet (CIRC)
12911 Planning Inspectorate Off Shore Wind farm - request for opinion

Environment & Transport
12856 SCDC Ash dieback advice
12865 SCDC Funding advice and ash tree information
12875 S Hedgerow survey Final newsletter and survey report
12879 Groundwork uk Greenprint Forum event 10th December
12880 Fredome.org Coastal protection project (CIRC)
12894 ESE Passenger serv Changes to bus services
12908 Deben Estuary Partner News letter and update (CIRC)
12909 Environment Agency Deben Estuary maintenance drop in 26 Nov (CIRC)

Recreation Ground
12877 J Beer Draft notice to dog walkers
12901 SCDC Outdoor play space update
12922 S Police Request for bookings for tasking meetings

12859 SALC Advertising Papworth Trust Volunteer roles
12863 SALC Smaller councils committee nominations
12866 SALC Policy update PB39-12 precepts
12869 SALC Suffolk Fire Service consultation
12891 SALC Legal Notes 79 Members conduct etc & 80 Staff pensions (circ)

Other Correspondence to Note
12849 S Coasts & Heath Autumn newsletter
12858 SCDC Equality/Diversity training 19 December
12854 D Jacobs/I Cade Response to 12853
12871 SCDC Interfaith week 18th - 27th November
12872 P O'Brien Useful flood posters
12887 SALC Local government pay 2013
12888 SCDC Directory of resources for Voluntary Org
12889 SCDC T/PC liaison meeting Leiston cancelled
12895 J Beer Reply to skate Park request
12842 I Cade Notes from Pl meeting 22 Oct
12844 Larsjay Special playground offer
12845 Glasdon Are you prepared for winter?
12846 SCC Suffolk urged to get active
12848 SALC Nomination for SALC Board
12850 SALC Forthcoming courses
12851 J Beer Info on RG Activities
12852 Rural Services Network Hinterland w/b 26 Oct
12857 Rural Services Network Digest w/b 29 October
12864 Rural Services Network Rural oppotunities buletin
12867 Rural Services Network AGM London 19th November
12870 Rural Services Network Hinterland w/b 2 November
12882 Rural Services Network Digest w/b 5 Nov
12892 Rural Services Network Hinterland w/b 9th November
12899 Rural Services Network Digest w/b 12 November
12912 Rural Services Network Hinterland w/b 16 November
12923 Rural Services Network Digest w/b 19th November
12860 SALC Larger councils comm nomination
12861 SMP Playgrounds Special deal
12862 SAcre Allotment course 4th Oct
12868 EELGA Management review
12873 Monsterplay Outdoor gym equipment
12876 Clerk's Councils Direct November issue
12878 BDO Changes to extranet site
12883 RSS_Playmakers Is your playground ready for winter
12884 mycolony Allotment management
12886 SCDC Acknowledgement of response on CoC adopt
12893 SCDC Police commissioners notice of poll
12902 SMP Playgrounds A nice pair
12903 Adrian Hutton Tree lighting notice for Review
12904 Adrian Hutton Ditto update
12905 S Police Tasking meeting 19th Nov cancelled
12913 East Suffolk Line Train services from December
12915 V Falkoner Deben Estuary drop in
12916 SAcre Funding update
12918 G Walker Tree lighting Insurance forms/carol sheets
12919 J Beer RG report for 26th November
12920 Parish Links Invite to meeting on 21st Nov
12921 I Cade Response on 12920
12924 Gov Net Skills conf 24th January 2013 London