December 2010

As our December meeting is the last one before Christmas we usually make an effort to go a bit festive, so last Thursday we had mince pies as well as sausage rolls, scones and éclairs with our tea and our president provided us with crackers and chocolates. Despite the cold weather there was a good turnout and after we had got through the routine business we settled down to listen to our speaker, Mrs Sulch, who came to talk to us and show slides on the subject, Geology and Scenery of the British Isles.

November 2010

In November the Kirton and Falkenham W.I. holds its Annual General Meeting. This part of the afternoon did not take long as there were no changes either to the officers or the committee members. The secretary and treasurer gave their reports and everybody was thanked for the sterling work they had put in in tackling their various roles. Iris Hitchen, our president, then closed the AGM and began the normal monthly business.

October 2010

In October Kirton and Falkenham W.I. celebrates its birthday and this year we were eighty nine years young. Next year we will pass the milestone of our ninetieth year and we are already thinking up ways to celebrate. Our president Iris Hitchen was unable to be present at the meeting as she is recovering from an operation so May Copping, our vice president, took the chair.

August & September 2010

Our W.I. does not hold a meeting in August but we usually arrange an outing for those who are not on holiday. In fact we had two opportunities to go out together.

For our September meeting two of our members, Maddy Rhodes and Wendy Taylor, gave us a talk about the Citizens Advice Bureau for which they are both unpaid volunteers. Read More...

July 2010


At our July meeting Mrs Iris Hitchen, our president, reported on her trip to the National AGM at Cardiff which she attended as our Group Representative. While there she learnt that at present the W I has 207,000 members nationwide. Next year the subscription will be £30, a rise of only 50p. The resolution that was put forward concerning the labelling of foodstuffs with particular emphasis on the country of origin was passed with 6723 in favour and only 70 against . Evidently the highlight of the meeting was a performance by a singing group called ‘Only Men Aloud’ which was appreciated by all the ladies!

June 2010


When he was twenty four, in 1958, Mr Weatley decided to go round the world on a scooter. This was the subject he came to talk to us about at our June meeting. Read More...

May 2010


Kirton and Falkenham W.I. treated themselves to two very enjoyable lunches recently. For the first, on Thurs. 6th May, we were guests at the Bowls Club in St Edmunds Road, Felixstowe where we used their facilities to eat meals ordered from the Seaview Fishbar. The second was a ‘soup and sweet’ lunch which we ate at the Village Hall on Thurs. 13th May. This was a very good start to our Resolutions Meeting which tends to be a bit dry. In fact only one resolution is to be put forward to the National AGM at Cardiff this year so all we had to do was decide if we supported it or not. The wording of the resolution ran as follows:- This meeting urges Her Majesty’s Government to introduce clear and mandatory country of origin labels on all meat, poultry and fish products sold in this country. After hearing arguments for and against, the meeting decided almost unanimously to support the resolution.

April 2010


Mr Tyler, our speaker at the April meeting, started his talk on Billy Butlin with a rousing ‘Hi Di Hi’ to which we all replied ‘Ho Di Ho’. The great era of the holiday camp, he told us, was the 1950s, but the idea started long before that, back in the 1890s, when austere socialist or Christian camps made their appearance. However Billy got the first germ of an idea for his version when holidaying on Barry Island. Once you have been to Barry Island in the rain it seems you have no fear of hell and Billy began to dream of somewhere completely different from the drab bed and breakfast he stayed in with its overcooked food and its ‘out by 9.00 a.m.’ rule. Read More...

March 2009


The National Federation of Womens’ Institutes is issuing a challenge to its’ members. This is for W.I. members to complete a Triathlon which consists of a 5 mile swim, a 20 mile cycle ride and a 50 mile walk or run. The endurance test is not so formidable as it sounds as it is to be completed as a combined effort by the whole institute so the distances can be shared out between the more active members. We thought we might give it a try as we have got until September 30th to complete it. By that date, if we succeed, those that take part should all be fighting fit!

February 2010


Our February meeting was the first meeting of the year as we had to cancel our January get together due to snow. We now have twenty three members and most of them managed to turn up although the day was very cold and the wind whistling round the Village Hall was bitter. We are always on the lookout for new members so please forgive me if I insert a little promo here. We gather on the second Thursday of each month at 2.00 pm in Kirton Village Hall and the meeting usually last for about two hours. We have a variety of interesting speakers plus a competition and trading stall four times a year. There is always a raffle with nice prizes and we end with tea and a chat. Visitors pay £2.50 and the raffle and tea costs £1.00. Read More...

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