October 2017

Next Meeting: 9th November 2017 at 2pm at Kirton Village Hall.

Our speaker next month will be: Brian Cornell who is giving a talk on Thames Lightermen.

Our speakers this month were Chris and Marion Stevens and they gave us a fascinating insight into Bees - the Journey from Flower to Jar. Chris and Marion have been bee keepers for seven years and have 8 hives, some in the garden and some in a paddock. Read More...

July 2017

August – Tea party at Waldringfield
Next meeting: Thursday September 14th at 2.00pm in Kirton and Falkenham Village Hall.
Speaker: Colin Westren
Subject: Tools with a mission
Competition: An old tool

The first item at our July get-together was a report by Edna Stuckey concerning her trip to Liverpool as our delegate at National WI's AGM. Read More...

April 2017

Next meeting: Thursday May 11th at 2.00pm in Kirton and Falkenham Village Hall.
Discussion and voting on resolutions.
Followed by members reminiscences of their school-days (please come prepared).
Trading Stall: miscellaneous.

Did you know that there's no need to go to Cheddar, Cheshire or Wensleydale to sample British cheeses? In fact you can find an example practically on your doorstep at Whitegate Farm, Creeting St Mary, Suffolk. This is the home of Suffolk Farmhouse Cheeses and it was the farm's joint owner, Mr Jason Salisbury, who came to talk to us at our April meeting. He began by suggesting that a straightforward history of the business might be a bit boring so offered to tell us about his own personal involvement in it. Read More...

March 2017

Next meeting: Thursday April 13th at 2.00pm in Kirton and Falkenham Village Hall.
Demonstration: Suffolk Farmhouse Cheeses plus Tasting overseen by: Jason Salisbury.
Competition: A Cheese Recipe (if possible bring printed copies for members to take away.)
Trading Stall: miscellaneous.

In the committee – a group that meets a few days before our main meeting - ways to recruit new members were discussed. It was suggested that an evening get together might be more convenient for some people than the present afternoon sessions, either as an alternative or as an addition to our current set up. Read More...

February 2017

Birthday meeting: Thursday March 9th at 2.00pm in Kirton and Falkenham Village Hall.
Entertainment: Don's Melody Makers. Wear a hat to support the Brain Tumour Association.
No Competition
Trading Stall: miscellaneous

Last Thursday we waited for our speaker to arrive. As the minutes ticked by and he did not turn up we wondered how we were going to fill the time at our disposal. However, as the subject of the talk he was supposed to be giving concerned residents of Ipswich who had done brave deeds during the 2nd World War several of us had brought mementoes in the form of medals won by our relatives. We were therefore invited to tell the stories that lay behind them. Read More...

January 2017

Next meeting: Thursday Feb 9th at 2.00pm in Kirton and Falkenham Village Hall.
Speaker: David Empson on Brave Men of Ipswich.
Competition: A medal or certificate you have won. (Also bring along any wartime medals you may have). Trading Stall: miscellaneous

Now that we've got Christmas and January 1st over with Kirton and Falkenham WI is starting to think about 2017 and plan some activities for the coming year. Read More...

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