May 2022

Next Meeting: 2pm on the 9th June at the Kirton Village Hall
Speaker: Colin Hopper who is doing a paper sculpture demonstration.
Competition: Making a decorated headdress incorporating paper.

The newly refurbished Village Hall was our venue this month after a lapse of several months and looked very spick and span! May is always our Resolutions Meeting and takes the form of a discussion or debate about a topic which the WI feels should be brought to the attention of Parliament. In the past the WI has managed to influence the Government on a variety of issues and this year they are focusing on women and girls with Autism Spectrum Disorder and Attention Deficit hyperactivity disorder which is quite often misdiagnosed and under-supported. We learnt, through our members’ personal experiences, that this is not an uncommon event as boys react very differently to girls with the same condition and tend to be diagnosed much quicker. It was felt that more training within the National Health Service and our schools would be beneficial to spot the early signs and much more research needs to be done into the cause and effect of what is a very debilitating condition, especially if misdiagnosed and left untreated. Our members voted to support the Resolution and our vote will be passed on to the WI National AGM by our Guest, Marian Rose from Levington WI who is our delegate at the Meeting. Our very lively discussion was to be followed by tea, cakes and a Beetle Drive but we preferred to have a very chatty afternoon instead!

Chris Welling,

March 2022

Next Meeting: 2pm on Thursday, 14th April at Kirton Village Hall
Speaker: David Webb known for his role in the TV series
Hi de Hi.
Competition: A holiday photograph from the 1980’s.

Our Christmas/Winter lunch very nearly became a Spring lunch this year due to Covid restrictions but we did manage to meet up on Thursday 3rd March and enjoy our festive get together at The Ferry Boat Inn with a meal well worth waiting for!

This was a busy week for some of our members who also attended the South East Federation of W.I.’s Annual meeting. This is always an important event in the WI calendar as it gives us the opportunity to catch up with the staff and Trustees of our Federation, learn about our local charities and be introduced to some remarkable women from the Suffolk community. To round off the day we are always entertained by a celebrity and this year the speaker was Tim FitzHigham, an English comedian, author, artist and world record holder. The feats he has performed include paddling a paper boat down 257.5 km of the River Thames, rowing a bathtub across the English Channel, and inflating the world's largest man-inflated balloon and what a great story he had to tell.

This month was also our Birthday when we celebrated 101 years of our WI with a scrumptious tea provided by our members. June Wells made our Birthday cake and our speaker was Jane Paul from Suffolk Community Foundation, who gave us a presentation about the role they play within Suffolk by helping organisations and individuals with grants of money and we all wore hats in support of Brain Tumour Research. Toiletries and personal products were collected for Ukraine and, all in all, this has been quite a month!

Chris Welling, Secretary.

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