May 2008 – Resolutions

Weather-wise we have been very lucky so far with our visits to the ‘Hut’ on Felixstowe seafront. Last autumn when we arranged an afternoon plus lunch there we had a gorgeous day, and then on May 8th, our meeting day, we managed to coincide with the run of sunny days which has not yet come to an end as I write.
Although the business of the meeting took place later we congregated at the ‘Hut’ soon after 11a.m. to be ready for the delivery of our fish and chip lunch at 12, ordered from Orwell Fisheries. Our president, Mrs Judy Walker, provided some delicious ‘afters’ and there were plentiful cups of tea and coffee to be had. By the time the meeting started we were feeling replete and satisfied.
The task to be tackled was to consider two resolutions which are to be voted on at the National AGM which takes place in Liverpool in June. Both were appeals to the Government on matters of concern. The first was worded as follows – ‘This meeting asks H M Government to urge the EU to ban bottom trawling which causes catastrophic loss of marine life’. After some discussion we felt that on the evidence available to us it was impossible to decide for or against, so we left it to our delegate, Mrs Pat Owen from Levington W.I., to make up her mind which way to vote by listening to the arguments on the day. The other resolution ran as follows – ‘In view of the adverse effects on families of the imprisonment of people with severe mental health problems, this meeting urges H M Government to provide treatment and therapy in a more appropriate and secure residential environment’. We were broadly in favour of this but again left it to our delegate to take notice of the discussion and use her own judgment.
Having spent some time on the serious part of the afternoon we then relaxed with plenty of chit-chat and applied our minds to two quizzes, one on proverbs and the other on country-wide views, provided by Mrs Iris Hitchen.
V E Bines


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