On Thursday 5th May Kirton and Falkenham W.I. gathered at the Bowls Club in Felixstowe for a fish and chip lunch arranged for us by Mrs Pauline Swift who is a Bowls Club member. The food was excellent and everybody enjoyed themselves. Many thanks to Pauline and to Iris Hitchen, our president, who provided the desserts and to her husband Terry for all their hard work.

Our May meeting is devoted to discussing the resolutions which will go before the national AGM at Liverpool in June. This year there were two. The wording of the first ran as follows:-

This meeting abhors the practice of factory farming, particularly of large animals such as pigs and cows, and urges H.M. Government to ensure planning permission is not granted for such projects.

The second concerned local libraries:-

This meeting urges H.M. Government to maintain support for local libraries as an essential educational and informational resource.

The first was moved by Dilton Marsh W.I. of the Wiltshire Federation and the second by Nedderton W.I. of the Northumberland Federation. If the resolutions are submitted to parliament they will provide good opportunities for local campaigning and for W.I. engagement with broader issues such as community life and education. We voted on the matter and decided to support both resolutions. Our views will be passed on to Mrs Pat Pryke of Levington W.I. who will be out delegate at the AGM and she will report back to us after the meeting.

This business out of the way we had decided to have a Sing, Say of Pay afternoon where many varied pieces of prose and poetry were read out ranging from Pam Ayres to W.B.Yeats and including a self-penned piece by Mrs Pam Dickerson on her visits to the dentist. Only one of our members was brave enough to sing however, and that was Mrs Maddy Rhodes who led us in Oh I do like to be beside the sea side!

V. E. Bines


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