Next meeting: Thursday 13th June 2019 at 2.00 pm. Wendy Smith will be talking about her experiences as a Wimbledon line judge. There will be a competition: describe your best sporting moment in no more than 20 words with photos, medals or cups!

May meeting report:
The W.I. is an important lobby group in the United Kingdom, and the Government takes note of its campaigns. Each year, the National Federation holds a meeting to discuss members’ concerns and a resolution is agreed that will form the basis for the next campaign. The two resolutions that will be voted on this year concern the decline in bus services and the cervical screening programme.
Sheila presented the issues concerning the cervical screening programme. It is estimated that cervical screening saves 5,000 lives a year. Screening is offered by the NHS (and it should not be forgotten that this is a free service) to all women. Sadly, the lowest attendance for screening appointments is the group aged between 25 and 29 years- the age group most likely to develop cervical cancer. Despite campaigns by the NHS, awareness of the importance of screening is still low and young women are reluctant to attend appointments for many reasons. The proposer of this resolution wants to raise awareness of cervical cancer and encourage women to attend appointments.
The subject of the decline in bus services and its impact on our communities was presented by Ann. 80% of bus services are commercially run, but Local Authorities (L.A.s) give grants to support them. There has been a reduction in the funding from central government to L.A.s leading to cuts in these grants. Among many of the arguments for improved bus services, Ann highlighted the need to relieve the pressure of traffic on our roads and that reducing the number of vehicles reduces pollution.
There was much lively debate, with members sharing their experiences and views. Members voted on the resolutions and the results go forward to the next stage.
Tea followed with a quiz to stretch our brains in a different direction, we know more about rock music than we thought!

Outings: 20th June Windmill Walk in Ipswich; October 23rd Calendar Girls at the Regent Theatre
Please contact Ruth Ward about these trips.
Walking Netball: The first meeting will take place on 17th May at the Brackenbury Sports Centre. Please contact Sheila Fothergill if you are interested.

Church Fete 8th June: The W.I. will be selling accessories and would like donations of your unwanted handbags, scarves and hats for their stall. Volunteers to run the stall are also needed.

Knit and Natter: at Sue Watts house. The hats that have been knitted were donated to the Macmillan Centre at Ipswich Hospital and were much appreciated.

New members are always welcome; meetings are on the second Thursday of the month at the Village Hall beginning at 2pm.
Contact our secretary: Chris Welling 01473 736255
K.Cade V.Bines


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