Next Meeting: 10th October
Speaker: Ken Stone on ‘A Royal Year’
Competition: A commemorative memento of a Royal Occasion


Our speaker this month was Ruth Leigh from the Paella and Tapas Company which is a catering company with a decidedly Spanish theme. Ruth caters for parties of all sizes and uses authentic Spanish ingredients and equipment for her many types of paella etc. Food should be fun and ‘joy’ is the most important component of any party in her opinion. The company likes to think that their clients need do nothing but give them access to their kitchen and they will cater for all allergies and dietary requirements as well as being able to recommend a variety of contacts who will look after their celebration cakes, music and entertainment, including the odd naked ‘Butler’ should this be required! Ruth has many a tale to tell, especially as party goers are apt to become hugely ‘over refreshed’ and during the course of her career has had offers of marriage, folks dancing on tables and a peacock who objected to being banished from a client’s kitchen. All in a day’s work!

Ruth finished her very interesting talk with a Quiz based on Spain and it’s customs etc. which was quite an eye opener to lots of us who would never have guessed that the saying ‘raining cats and dogs’ in Spanish translates as ‘earthenware pots falling from the sky’.

We had a very entertaining meeting with a lovely tea to follow.

Chris Welling


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