February 2024 Report

In our February meeting we went on a whistle stop tour, “Exploring East Anglia by Bus Pass”!

The speaker, Pip, was reluctant at first to acquire a bus Pass, being teased when he reached a certain age that it was the thing to do. However, having taken the bait, he now enjoys touring the countryside and extolling the virtues of this form of travel. Journeys take time and we were told it is essential to plan your route, ensuring plenty of cafes or pubs near bus stops. There are no longer paper bus timetables but there is good, detailed help on the internet. His first bus pass was only for Suffolk although you could go further afield by travelling to the edge of the county and connecting with a bus taking you across the border. Now, however, the newer bus pass will take you anywhere in England. Sometimes Pip would start his journey in the car in order to get to a particular bus route and so that he could travel round London on his bus pass he would make the first leg of his journey by train. He has taken his fold up bike with him and often his dog and sometimes his grandchildren. Being in a bus gives you a great view of the countryside touring pretty villages that are off the beaten track – no A14, fast A roads or by-passes just fields of wildflowers or crops and the occasional tractor. This born-again bus traveller entertained us very well with stories and photos. He also accompanied himself on his guitar as he sang a humorous song, which he had written, listing many of the places he had visited.

The March meeting celebrates our 103rd birthday in the Church Hall. It should be entertaining.

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S Fothergill


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