Susan’s Witterings for March

Spring is here! Snowdrops are amazing this year and are joined by Daffodils and Crocuses. Birds are singing their hearts out and new buds are showing in our gardens and by the roadsides. I love this time of year, it lifts the spirits and gives us hope for the year, a fresh new start. Nature is wonderful, adaptable and dependable whatever humans throw at it! ‘Our’ village partridges are wandering around in Meadowlands looking for somewhere to lay their eggs. Spring also brings a flurry of hard work in the gardens but we are aware that we might still get snow. We have had enough rain for a while though farmer’s reservoirs need to be full for later in the year. Have you seen the size of the sugar beet this year? They are massive.

Suffolk Day 22nd June

A small team is planning our villages’ Suffolk Day if you would like to help with this please contact me. New ideas are always welcome. It is for your fun and enjoyment and we offer as much free entertainment for children as possible. If anyone would like to have a stall please get in touch. We hope to have the Dog Show and a display by an excellent dog trainer. We are always looking for acts for the main ring and entertainers. Any village activities and groups are invited to get involved. Our Suffolk day presents what goes on locally in our very special unique part of Suffolk. We hope to have the display of Tractors, past and present, motor bikes and Classic cars and Jim the Suffolk Horse.

Nassau Trust

There are some raised beds available to rent to try your hand at growing your own produce. Easy to weed, don’t have to bend down, excellent fruit and veg, advice from many allotment holders only too pleased to share their knowledge. We also have one small allotment available. How about taking it on with a friend? If you are in a flat it would give you some outside space. Let children experience growing their own food.

The Trust is also here for people in our own village if they need a little bit of financial help occasionally. If you know anyone in need please get in touch with me. It is all dealt with in confidence.

The mini top up box on my drive is still in use please donate foodstuffs and if you take anything and can afford to please pop a few pence through my letter box, it all helps to support the purpose of this box and keeps it topped up.

Flooding and Potholes

My witterings are not complete without mentioning these! Park Lane, Trimley Road, Falkenham Road, Back Lane, Grays Orchard, the list is endless. I do think that whatever the workmen did on Falkenham Road has eased the situation slightly. We have had so much rain. Potholes can be reported to Highways on 0345 606 6171

or go to the Suffolk Highways reporting tool.

Susan Harvey

May Cottage 29 Falkenham Road. 448780. or 07786392878


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