Local History Recorder report for 2017

Len Lanigan;’s report for 2017 is now online.
The 2018 report is in preparation.

Scam TV Licensing email

Just received a scam email purporting to come from TV licensing. It doesn’t!
If you receive such an email, do not open or click on the blue text.
The image below is not the real email.
Screeny Shot 19 Nov 2018 at 11.41.20

Kirton & Trimley Community Action Group

I have to start this article by acknowledging the huge contribution to our Community’s welfare being made by Graham Walker, Jack Cade and members of the Kirton Parish Council. These guys were massive when it came to warning us of significant local issues. Indeed, were it not for their public meeting on 24th August, the Kirton and Trimley Community Campaign Group (KATCAG) would not have been formed. We should be thanking you all every time you show your faces in the village!!

In the event, KATCAG is now motoring. We decided to join forces with our Trimley colleagues at an early stage because we found so many cyclical arguments were being employed by proponents of the Draft Local Plan. T

On the Buses

With effect from the 18th November, there have been changes to the bus service operated  by First Eastern Counties Bus Company between Ipswich and Felixstowe. The number of stopping buses has been reduced to three each hour nos. 75, 76 and 77 and all of these are routed along Spring road to go past Ipswich hospital (but not into the stop outside the A & E Centre) The journey time is approximately 48 minutes. The X7 (Fast service) has been reintroduced during the day. This calls at  Ipswich station only and then continues non-stop to Felixstowe along the A14. Obviously, the journey time is shorter at 36 minutes.

Trimley Railway Station

I have been asked on several occasions if the trains still stop at Trimley station. Some people were under the impression that the station was closed but it is very much alive providing hourly passenger services to Felixstowe and Ipswich. From Ipswich, there are onward connections to London, Cambridge, Peterborough, Norwich and Lowestoft. Read More...