November 2008 – AGM


In November we hold our AGM: the time when we cast our eyes back over the past year and look forward to the next by appointing people to the various offices. The committee members, treasurer and secretary remain the same for 2009 but Judy Walker decided that the time had come for her to step down from the position of president as she has been in the post for four years. Judy has been a strong and steady hand at the helm during her time in the office, and has guided us along with the minimum of fuss, ascertaining that things ran sweetly through the rough and the smooth even though she has had many difficulties to cope with outside the W.I. When the president’s job falls vacant it is sometimes not easy to find a successor. Luckily for us Iris Hitchen has stepped forward to fill the position. We could not ask for a better candidate as Iris has had plenty of experience of presidential duties during her membership of Trimley W.I.

The secretary and treasurer gave their reports on the past twelve months. We seem to be financially sound although slightly down on the situation last year. Speakers fees are always rising. The president thanked people for their achievements in various roles and an M and S token was presented to Judy from all the members. The competition cups were awarded to Mrs Butterworth 3rd, Mrs Redditt 2nd and Mrs Pepper 1st.

The business part of the meeting out of the way June Shepherd and I gave a talk about our W.I. holiday to Provence last spring. Although the trip started badly – the coach was involved in an accident on the way to the airport and we missed our flight – the rest of the time made up for it, with visits to Avignon, Arles, the Camargue, Aix en Provence and Cassis. We did not have time nor the right weather to acquire a tan but came back mentally refreshed with a really interesting few days to look back on.
V. E. Bines


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