December 2019 + January 2020

Next meeting: Thursday 13th February at 2.00 pm. Mr Alan Weeks will be giving a talk: ‘The History of Houses’

December and January meeting report:
Kirton and Falkenham W.I celebrated Christmas with a fish and chip lunch. A legacy from June Shepherd provided the funds for this treat and she was toasted in mulled wine. Fun and games followed, and we went home filled with Christmas spirit.

January brought Sharon Lockhart from FCC Environment, a company that manages the recycling centres in Suffolk (otherwise known as the dump in our house). Sharon is passionate about recycling and told us that 78% of our waste is recycled and in Suffolk less than 1% of waste goes to landfill. Waste that cannot be recycled or composted is burnt in an energy- from- waste incinerator. The facility at Great Blakenham provides enough energy for 39,000 homes. The vapour that can be seen rising from it is steam; it does not produce any chemical emissions.
Sharon recognises that it is difficult eliminate plastic from modern life- indeed it is a very useful product, but our choices can reduce its use. She suggested small changes, one step at a time that can make an impact in the long term. For example; ‘Cupboard love’ supplies dry goods (you provide your own containers) at Woodbridge Market. She clarified what can be recycled and where items can be taken where they can be reused. has lots of tips and information. The Benjamin Project (which supports young people with mental health problems) now has a shop at the Foxhall Recycling Centre and accepts donations of goods and clothing. If all else fails, Sharon suggests returning packaging to shops or complaining to retailers direct.

Knit and Natter: This group meets regularly and has produced over 98 items for premature babies!

Outings: Thursday 27th February 12.00 pm at winter lunch at the Newbourne Fox.
Tuesday 3rd March Federation Annual General Meeting at Trinity Park (please let the committee now if you would like to attend, there is a ballot for tickets).

New members are always welcome; meetings are on the second Thursday of the month at the Village Hall beginning at 2pm. Contact our secretary: Chris Welling 01473 736255


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